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USPO Supervision Services

What Supervision Is

In the federal courts, supervision is a core responsibility of U.S. probation and pretrial services officers, along with investigation. An officer's supervision responsibilities allow for a way to monitor the activities and behavior of people released to the community by the federal courts or paroling authorities, and help offenders reintegrate into the community following a period of incarceration.

In the case of probation, supervision can mean a punishment that is less severe than imprisonment, but still holds people accountable for breaking the law. It can also be an alternative to jail or prison that costs less than incarceration and gives people charged with or convicted of federal crimes the opportunity to live with their families, hold jobs, and be productive members of society.

What It Accomplishes

Supervision addresses several key criminal justice goals. Through supervision, officers: 

How Officers Supervise

In working with people on supervision, officers

For more information, please see our Supervision FAQ

Quick Access to Useful Forms

Cash Flow Statement

Community Service Forms

Employment Verification Form

Monthly Supervision Report - Post

Monthly Supervision Report - Pretrial

NA/AA Verification Form

Petition for Pardon After Completion of Sentence

Travel Request

Supervision Manual

Pretrial Orientation Manual