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FAQs - General


Q: How do I have my conviction expunged?
Q: What is the presentence investigation phase of a case?
Q: What is supervision?
Q: If I am convicted of a Federal crime, am I permitted to hunt?
Q: I have a friend/family member who is in prison. How do I find out where he is being held?
Q: I owe restitution for my crime. Who do I pay?
Q: Where can I get information regarding child support?
Q: I am owed court-ordered restitution, who do I contact to get my money?
Q: Where can I find the probation or pretrial service office mailing address?
Q: How do I get a certified copy of a document?
Q: I have been found guilty in Federal Court, what happens next?
Q: Where can I find information about the district court’s judges and magistrate judges?
Q: If I am convicted of a Federal crime, can I or a family member own or possess a firearm?
Q: If I am convicted of a felony in Federal court, can I vote?
Q: What are the collateral consequences of a federal conviction? What "rights" do I lose?
Q: What about monetary penalties? Where should payments for fines, restitution, or special assessments be made?
Q: Can I maintain contact with co-defendants, convicted felons, or persons involved in criminal activity?
Q: What is the telephone number for the state probation office?